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Jude Bellingham: Career Statistics, Height, Weight, and Age Overview

 Jude Bellingham: Career Statistics, Height, Weight, and Age Overview

Jude Bellingham
Jude Bellingham of Real Madrid runs with the ball during the LaLiga EA Sports match between Real Madrid CF and RCD Mallorca at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on January 03, 2024 in Madrid, Spain(Image-Getty) 

Player Profile: Jude Bellingham

Personal Information:

  - Firstname:  Jude

  - Surname: Bellingham

  - Nationality: England

  - Birth Date: 2003-06-29 (21 years old)

  - Height: 180cm

  - Weight: 75kg

Club Information:

  - Team: Real Madrid

  - Position: Not specified

Career Overview:

  - Current Season (2023/2024):

    - Played for Real Madrid in various leagues.

    - Notable participation in La Liga, Copa del Rey, Supercup, and Champions League.

    - Total matches: 17, Goals: 6.


  - Previous Seasons (Selected):

    - 2022/2023: Played for three teams across eight leagues.

    - 2021/2022: Participated in two teams across eight leagues.

    - 2020/2021: Played for two teams across six leagues.

    - 2019/2020: Played for four teams across eight leagues.

- Recent Matches and Performance:

  - Notable Matches in 2023/2024 Season:

    1. Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid (5-3) - Supercup

    2. Real Madrid vs. Mallorca (1-0) - La Liga

    3. Deportivo Alaves vs. Real Madrid (0-1) - La Liga

- International Matches:

  - Participated in Euro 2016 Qualification for England.

- Top Scorer in La Liga (2023/2024):

  - Jude Bellingham has scored 13 goals in La Liga, leading the top scorers' chart.

- Individual Achievements:

  - Notable goal-scoring performances in various leagues, including a double against Barcelona.

- Team Squad Participation:

  - Part of the Real Madrid squad.

- Overall Goal Scorer:

  - Currently, the top scorer in La Liga with 13 goals.

- International Participation:

  - Contributed to England's victories in EURO qualification.

This comprehensive overview captures Jude Bellingham's career details, recent performances, and notable achievements both at the club and international levels.

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