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Mbappé begins the new season of the 'thriller series'

 Mbappé begins the new season of the 'thriller series'

Kylian Mbappe of PSG
Kylian Mbappe of PSG runs with the ball during the Ligue 1 Uber Eats match between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Metz at Parc des Princes on December 20, 2023 in Paris, France.(Image-Getty) 

"Season Six" of the Kylian Mbappe series started today in the joint production of PSG-Real Madrid. No, it is not a web series on any OTT platform. From July 2021, this live series is running every six months in the visible real world. There is only one curiosity surrounding this thriller series that started six months, 'Can Mbappe leave PSG and go to Real Madrid?' The question is simple, but the answer? Unknown!

More than once, in the last episode (the last day of the swap), the swap ended after a grueling fight. Although now Real could not win any season of this series. Of course, the day Real will be successful, this busy series will end. Or after the withdrawal of any team from the fight, this series will be over.

Leaving aside the drama of the Real-PSG-Mbappe trio, there will be eyes on a few others in the team change that started yesterday. However, above all, Mbappe will be in the discussion as usual. Meanwhile, the countdown of the last six months of PSG's contract with Mbappe also began with the start of the winter team transfer yesterday. That is, when the contract expires next June, Mbappe can sign a contract with any club as a free agent.

Mbappe, 25, has already played in two World Cup finals, winning once. He also won the Golden Boot award. Already recognized as one of the best players in the world. However, the biggest achievement of club football, the Champions League title, is yet to be won by him. Tried for PSG since 2017 but losing in the final is the highest achievement so far.

Mbappe wanted to go to Real in search of that Champions League and fulfill a childhood love. But after several attempts, he could not catch the flight from Paris to Madrid. European media say that this may be Mbappe's last chance to leave PSG and go to Real. Now or never.

According to sports media The Athletic, Real Madrid have already started a new attempt to get Mbappe. But this time there have been some changes in the club's approach to Santiago Bernabeu. Real may close their account with this change of team. Of course, this is also nothing new. Every time it says, it's over now. But in the summer the drama begins again and again ends without resolution.

Let's take the words of last August party change. The drama about Seva Mbappe started around the 'letter bomb'. In that letter, Mbappe stated that he does not want to renew the contract after the end of the term in 2024. In response, PSG said that there is no opportunity to stay at the club for one season without renewing the contract. Either the contract has to be renewed or the club has to leave the club. After that, the drama continued until the last moment of party change. The forward was also left out of the international tour. He is even said to be sitting for the entire season. Nothing happened in the end though. Mbappe stayed at PSG and is still playing.

The question is, this is the ongoing Mbappe-PSG drama. What does Real want after all this? Several European media say that Real's interest in Mbappe has not ended yet. But this time, Real has decided to take a very strict path. In the meantime, Real has set time until mid-January to express its future thoughts. The Mbappe issue has also brought about some changes from a sporting and financial point of view at Real. The club is on a spending spree, especially after the renovation of the Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid also wants to keep their annual profits. Therefore, at the moment, if Mbappe is brought in by spending a large amount of money, many people concerned may face financial problems.

And with Jude Bellingham in the field, Real's squad now has a great balance. The coordination of the team in this season is also very noticeable. So according to many, even if Mbappe is not available at the moment, Real will not have much of a problem. In addition, Mbappe's excessive power exercise can also put Real in the opposite direction. However, there is no way to ignore the influence of a player like Mbappe. His arrival could make Real even more formidable.

So the Madrid club does not want to lose the opportunity to get him. But despite all the interest in the changed circumstances, Real's proposal may be something different. First, he may be given too much time to secure an advance agreement. In addition, Mbappe may not get as much discount as before the contract.

On the other hand, PSG, however, are interested in keeping Mbappe long-term. However, they must be aware of the manner in which Mbappe has been held by force. At the moment, the Paris club is moving forward with two plans, with Mbappe and without Mbappe.

And Mbappe probably knows what he wants. People close to Mbappe think that this World Cup-winning footballer wants to fulfill his dream by going to Real. Although many in Real feel that the first step in that case should be taken by the player. We have to wait some more time to know where the ongoing drama of Mbappe's change of team ends.

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