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Santiago Sanchez's Journey to Qatar, Detention in Iran, and Ultimate Release

 Santiago Sanchez's Journey to Qatar, Detention in Iran, and Ultimate Release

Santiago Sanchez's Journey to Qatar
Santiago Sanchez's(right) Journey to Qatar

His addiction is to walk for miles with his eyes on the far horizon. Spanish citizen Santiago Sanchez used to rush to get close to nature whenever he had time. Sanchez embarked on such a journey in October 2022. The destination was Qatar. The objective is to enjoy World Cup football. But on October 2, obstacles struck.

Because he did not have a visa, the Iranian administration arrested him that day and sent him to court. Sánchez was imprisoned in an Iranian prison for more than a year because he was addicted to seeing the world on foot. But Sanchez's woes have finally come to an end. He was released by the Iranian government. The Iranian embassy in Spain said on Sunday that they have released the last Spanish citizen detained in their country.

The tourist was detained after entering Iran in October 2022. At the time of Sanchez's arrest, protests were underway in Iran over the death in police custody of Masa Amini. 22-year-old Masa Amini was arrested for protesting the hijab. Spanish media reported at the time that Sanchez was originally arrested after visiting Massa Amini's cemetery.

In announcing his release, the Iranian Embassy in Spain said in a statement on social media, "The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is pleased to announce the release of Santiago Sánchez Cogedor. He was the only Spanish citizen detained in Iran.

Dubabas also said at the time, "He has been released from the law due to the friendly and historical relations between the two countries." The Royal House of Spain posted on social media, "Santiago Sanchez has been released in Iran." We will celebrate his return to Spain in the new year.'

Earlier in the beginning of 2022, there was quite a stir about Santiago walking to Qatar. Everyone wishes this tourist who is known as a fan of Real Madrid. Sanchez was giving the news of the 6 thousand 800 km long journey through Instagram. At that time, he uploaded several pictures and videos. His last post read, 'It's a little too hot in Iran. But I am fine.

On October 2, 41-year-old Santiago arrived in the Iranian border province of Kurdistan. On that day, he had the last contact with his family. Since then there was no trace of him. Finally, on October 17, Santiago was reported missing by his family. The Spanish ambassador in Tehran came forward after seeing the ad. He originally discovered Santiago.

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