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Brazil's Dominance in 2007 CONMEBOL Copa America

Brazil's Dominance in 2007 CONMEBOL Copa America

Brazilian players Julio Baptista(2L) and Gilberto(3L)
Brazilian players Julio Baptista(2L) and Gilberto(3L) celebrate at the end of the final match of the Copa America 2007 against Argentina at Pachencho Romero stadium in Maracaibo, 15 July 2007. Brazil won 3-0 and obtained the 42nd edition of the Copa America tournament(Image-Getty) 

In 2007, Brazil clinched their eighth CONMEBOL Copa America™ title, held for the first time in Venezuela. Led by coach Dunga, Brazil showcased a formidable team, featuring talents like Robinho, who emerged as the tournament's top scorer.

Tournament Overview

Brazil's path to victory was characterized by resilience and skill, bouncing back from an early defeat in the group stage to display a dominant performance throughout the tournament. They secured their fourth title in five editions, solidifying their status as South America's football powerhouse.

Notable Matches

The final against Argentina was a testament to Brazil's prowess, ending in a resounding 3-0 victory for the Canarinha. This marked the fifth occasion a Copa America final ended with a three or more goal difference, underlining Brazil's superiority.

Historic Moments

The 2007 edition marked Venezuela's debut as tournament hosts, ensuring that all ten CONMEBOL nations had hosted the competition at least once. The tournament witnessed an array of top scorers and emerging talents, including Lionel Messi's debut appearance.

Brazil's Journey to Victory

Brazil's journey to the title saw them navigate through tough encounters, including a 6-1 thrashing of Chile in the quarterfinals and a hard-fought 2-2 draw against Uruguay in the semifinals, eventually triumphing in the final against Argentina.

Statistical Highlights

The tournament was a goal-laden affair, with 86 goals scored in 26 matches, averaging 3.3 goals per game—the highest since 1963. Brazil's victory showcased their attacking prowess and defensive resilience, culminating in a memorable triumph on Venezuelan soil.


Brazil's triumph in the 2007 CONMEBOL Copa America™ not only reaffirmed their dominance but also highlighted the depth of talent and resilience within the squad. With a blend of experience and emerging stars, Brazil's victory marked another chapter in their storied football history.

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