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Nicolas Gonzalez's Viral Foul on Chile's Mauricio Isla Amuses Fans and Goes Viral

 Nicolas Gonzalez's Viral Foul on Chile's Mauricio Isla Amuses Fans and Goes Viral

Nicolas Gonzalez of Argentina
Nicolas Gonzalez of Argentina challenges for the ball with Mauricio Isla of Chile during the CONMEBOL Copa America 2024 match between Chile and Argentina at MetLife Stadium on June 25, 2024 in East Rutherford, New Jersey(Image-Getty) 

He is an attacking player, the opposition tries to stop him. But Argentinian winger Nicolas Gonzalez went to block one of the opposition himself today, pulling his ankle from behind. There are many types of fouls seen on the football field, but many people are amused by the scene of Gonzales' foul.

That's why it didn't take long for the scene of the incident to spread on social media in the form of pictures and videos. Gonzales' foul on Chile's Mauricio Isla in the Copa America match is now 'viral'. Some match it with wrestling, some with kabaddi. Many "anti-Argentine" people are using it as a symbol of Tippani. But Gonzales himself is enjoying it. He himself posted a picture of himself pulling his leg from behind on his Instagram story.

The incident happened in the 61st minute of the match. The Argentina-Chile match at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey is still goalless. Gonzales, who replaced Angel Di Maria in the starting line-up, took the ball from the right and entered the Chilean box. At that time, Chile rightback Isla came from the front and tried to take control of the ball by tackling him. Gonzales put his hand on Isla's leg as she fell to the ground. Isla was intercepted and tried to go forward with the ball, but as she fell to the ground, a desperate Gonzales grabbed Isla's ankle. Islao lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Defenders usually block forwards in a desperate attempt to prevent a potential goal attack. There have also been cases in the past where the shorts of the fouled players have been pulled down. But the sight of Gonzales grabbing a defender's ankle to get the ball back on the attack (or to call a foul in return) was hilarious. Various events and similes that have spread across many people's timelines.

Considering the context of the match, it was not a very important incident. The match referee himself did not take any action in this incident. However, Gonzales may have been moved by the incident because it went 'viral' on social media.

The winger, who plays for Italian club Fiorentina, posted four pictures on his Instagram story about the Argentina-Chile match. The last picture of this is the scene of Isla's legs being pulled from behind. Added two smiley emojis.

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