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Southgate Adjusts England Squad for Euro 2024 Qualifiers Amid Injuries

 Southgate Adjusts England Squad for Euro 2024 Qualifiers Amid Injuries

Gareth Southgate, Head Coach of England
Gareth Southgate, Head Coach of England, speaks to the media during an England Press Conference at Tottenham Hotspur Training Centre on November 16, 2023 in Enfield, England(Image-Getty) 

Coach Gareth Southgate revealed adjustments to his England squad for the European 2024 qualifiers against Malta and North Macedonia due to the absence of several players through injuries. With qualification secured for the finals in Germany, Southgate emphasized the need to adapt and make tough decisions, acknowledging the challenge posed by unexpected player absences.

Addressing the press, Southgate mentioned the loss of key players like Jude Bellingham and Levi Colwill to shoulder injuries, emphasizing the unfortunate nature of long-term injuries. Despite the setbacks, he highlighted the opportunities for incoming players to step up.

Southgate acknowledged the managerial responsibility of finding balance in the squad and making tough decisions, responding to questions about the absence of Raheem Sterling. He emphasized the importance of respectful communication with players about selection decisions.

While England leads Group C with 16 points after six games, Southgate emphasized the priority of proving their status as a top team that consistently wins games, despite facing ongoing criticism. He underlined the significance of day-to-day standards on the training ground, expressing the team's aspiration to maintain consistency and be recognized as a top-performing side.

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