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Brazil's coach is the one who lost his job because of Neymar

 Brazil's coach is the one who lost his job because of Neymar

São Paulo Head Coach Dorival Júnior
São Paulo Head Coach Dorival Júnior celebrates with his team after winning Flamengo during the second leg of Copa Do Brasil 2023 final match between Sao Paulo and Flamengo at Morumbi Stadium on September 24, 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.(Image-Getty) 

Ika tried to keep it. When the team does not have the ball at their feet, the four backline places two players in front of the backline to try to win the ball. And if he can recover the ball, he quickly rises to every attack and tries to score a goal.

Another big reason for assigning Darival is his ability to handle stars. Aside from Neymar's embarrassment, he also knows how to use star players on the field. At Flamengo, Veraton managed the stars of Brazilian domestic football such as Ribeiro, Araçayeta, Gabigol and Pedro.

Brazil's Neymar
Brazil's Neymar listens to the national anthem during the 2022 FIFA World Cup South American qualifier football match against Bolivia at the Neo Quimica Arena, also known as Itaquerao, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 9, 2020, amid the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic(Image-Getty) 

The title is the biggest desire of the Brazil team from Darival. The only measure of success or failure in Brazilian football is winning and not winning trophies. And within six months of assuming responsibility, Darival is going to face that challenge. Brazil will play the Copa America in the United States under him. It would be a great achievement for Darival to forget recent failures and bring Brazil the trophy in that tournament. It remains to be seen whether Darival can do so using the experience of recent success.

The drama in which Darival is the coach of Brazil:

09-12-2022: Brazil's exit from the World Cup quarter-finals. Tit's resignation announcement

17-01-2023: Tita's signature on resignation letter

25-05-2023: Ramon Menezes appointed as interim coach

04-07-2023: Fernando Diniz appointed interim coach and decision to coach Carlo Ancelotti in 2024 Copa America

07-12-2023: CBF president Ndaldo Rodríguez has to move after court decision

29-12-2023: Ancelotti renews contract with Real Madrid until 2026

04-01-2024: Supreme Court reinstates Rodríguez as CBF chief

05-01-2024: Interim coach Fernando Diniz has been sacked

07-01-2024: Sao Paulo announces that Darival will leave the club to take charge of Brazil.

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